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Medicare Lays Out Guidelines on Installment Plan for Drug Costs

The Biden administration released initial draft guidance on Monday seeking public comment on provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act that allow Medicare prescription drug plan enrollees to pay out-of-pocket drug costs in monthly installments throughout the plan year beginning in 2025.

Pfizer Receives US Approval for Its Maternal RSV Vaccine

Pfizer Inc. received US clearance for a vaccine that protects infants from RSV by immunizing their pregnant mothers, positioning the drugmaker to enter a competitive new market for the common but dangerous virus in young children.

Google, YouTube Seek to Sink RFK Jr.’s Anti-Vax Speech Suit

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s bid for a court order forcing Google LLC and YouTube LLC to restore his videos questioning the safety of Covid-19 vaccines ran into a doubtful US judge who questioned whether the candidate and scion had met the legal prerequisites for such a ruling.

California Law Extends to Entities Hired by Employers as Agents

Business entities acting as agents of an employer can be directly liable for discrimination under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, the state supreme court unanimously ruled Monday in a case involving a medical screener that allegedly asked job applicants impermissible questions.