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Oil Giants Fight Climate Deception Suit at Hawaii Supreme Court

Oil companies including Sunoco LP, Chevron Corp., and Exxon Mobil Corp. urged justices to dismiss a climate lawsuit they say falls outside of the scope of local law during oral arguments at the Hawaii Supreme Court.

Severe Weather Set to Boost US Disaster Funding Needs, FEMA Says

Growing extreme-weather risks mean President Joe Biden’s expected request for billions in extra disaster-relief funding might not be enough for the next fiscal year, FEMA head Deanne Criswell said.

Utah 80-Mile Railroad Project Approval Nixed by D.C. Circuit

The Surface Transportation Board unlawfully authorized the construction of a new railway line in Utah’s Uinta Basin, the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday, finding that the agency didn’t fully consider its environmental effects.

Solar Developers Blast Specter of New Tariffs as Blow to Climate

Renewable power developers blasted a US government decision that will slap new tariffs on solar exports from Southeast Asia, saying the move will slow clean energy deployment and harm climate progress.

Maui Fire Lays Bare Utility Missteps Mirrored Across the Country

When flames ripped through the drought-parched town of Paradise in 2018, destroying homes and killing 85 in California’s deadliest-ever wildfire, it was a wake-up call to power companies across the country. Electric lines would ultimately be blamed for the blaze, and the state’s largest utility was driven into bankruptcy.

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Public Shale Mergers in Favor After Permian Deal, Analyst Says

Permian Resources Corp. agreeing to acquire Earthstone Energy at a $4.5 billion enterprise value shows there’s growing appetite for public deals in US shale following multiple large private equity transactions this year, which may no longer be appealing, analyst Enverus says.

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