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High-Potency Pot Market Worth Billions Draws Regulator Scrutiny

As the US government gathers data as part of a plan to review marijuana’s legal status by the end of 2023, officials will hear success stories from some US states. But behind local politicians’ boasts on the benefits of legalization—which often single out its tax revenue— growing data is charting the costs that states and society also bear. Some of the longest-running legalization programs in the US are also grappling with unintended consequences.

Marijuana Industry Leans on Universities to Bolster Workforce

The still developing marijuana industry that’s emerged on the heels of increased legalization is pushing more colleges and universities to offer academic programs to prepare students for various career opportunities in one of the country’s fastest growing job markets.

NY Cannabis Licensing Halted As Albany Judge Weighs Challenges

New York’s cannabis dispensary licensing process has been temporarily halted in response to a lawsuit from a group of veterans who say the state overstepped its constitutional authority by creating a new type of dispensary license and limiting eligibility.

Morocco’s First Cannabis Crop Is Being Closely Watched: The Dose

Farmers have planted the first legal cannabis crop in Morocco, long a top producer of black-market hashish. For now, it’s shaping up to be a modest entry into the above-board market, but hopes are high the nation will one day become a key supplier to the steadily opening European market.

How Marijuana Is Both Legal and Illegal in the U.S.

How do states legally get around the federal ban on cannabis, and what unique legal challenges do attorneys and businesses in the marijuana industry face?