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Pro-Union Shift Expected With Labor Board Member’s Pending Exit

The National Labor Relations Board is poised to release a number of decisions in the next two weeks with the potential to significantly alter the nation’s labor doctrine in favor of unions, as Democratic board member Gywnne Wilcox’s term draws to a close later this month.

Punching In: GOP Labor Board Seat Empty as Democrat’s Vote Looms

The makeup of the NLRB board remains in flux as Congress prepares to vote on the Democrats’ nominee while still awaiting a candidate for the open Republican seat on the five-member board. Meanwhile, a New York state law aimed to promote pay transparency goes into effect next month.

FedEx, Howard University Sued Over Pension Plans’ Lifespan Data

FedEx Corp. and Howard University were hit with proposed class actions claiming they shortchange certain retirees’ pensions by calculating their benefits using outdated life expectancy data.

Corporate Diversity Complaints Place EEOC in Thorny Spot

A US civil rights agency finds itself in a difficult position after getting hit by requests from ex-Trump administration officials to investigate Activision Blizzard Inc., Kellogg Co., and other major corporations because their diversity policies allegedly violate federal anti-discrimination law.

A Dallas County Sheriff's Department vehicle and emergency responders.

Full 5th Cir. Expands Anti-Bias Rights in Weekend Work Case

A full federal appeals court in New Orleans broadened the scope of negative employer actions that can trigger workplace discrimination lawsuits, reversing a nearly three-decade precedent that limited the requirement to only “ultimate employment decisions.”

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Amazon Illegally Called Police on NY Workers, NLRB Alleges Inc. illegally called the police on employees, restricted discussions about organizing, and terminated an activist in the lead-up to a vote on unionization last year, US labor board prosecutors alleged in a complaint.

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Case: Discrimination/Pregnancy Discrimination (S.D.N.Y.)

Two related New York dental practices and their owner are granted summary judgment in part on a female dental assistant’s claims of discrimination and retaliation under Title VII, 42 U.S.C. § 1981, state and local law, a federal district court ruled. Brown v. Metro. Dental Assocs., 2023 BL 275272, S.D.N.Y., 21-cv-851 (CM), 8/10/23

Case: Discrimination/Sex Discrimination (M.D. Ala.)

An Alabama federal district court ruled that Central Alabama Food Services is entitled to summary judgment on a sex discrimination claim under Title VII of a male assistant project manager who alleged that he was terminated due to his sex. Cromartie v. Cent. Ala. Food Servs., 2023 BL 277654, M.D. Ala., 2:22-CV-106-WKW, 8/11/23

Case: Labor Relations/Employee Discharge (N.L.R.B.)

A labor union representing entertainment industry employees didn’t unlawfully discharge an employee who had been heavily involved in organizing the union’s employees into a bargaining unit of its own. Art Directors Guild, Local 800, IATSE, 2023 BL 283767, N.L.R.B., 31–CA–268924, 8/15/23