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Trustmark Fights Bid to Enforce Stanford’s $100 Million Payment

Trustmark opposed on Monday a request by the court-appointed receiver for Stanford International Bank Ltd to enforce a $100 million settlement Trustmark reached to compensate fraud claims, arguing it shouldn’t be compelled to pay while judicial approval remains unresolved.

Deepfakes Are Driving a Whole New Era of Financial Crime

Computer-generated children’s voices so realistic they fool their own parents. Masks created with photos from social media that can penetrate a system protected by face ID. They sound like the stuff of science fiction, but these techniques are already available to criminals preying on everyday consumers.


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Billions Zapped Away With Tax Cheating Software

Some restaurants and bars are skimming $30 billion dollars in sales tax annually through software called a tax zapper. We explain what zappers are, how they work, and how to put an end to them.