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Corporate Legal Departments Start Embracing AI, Cautiously

Generative artificial intelligence is on the verge of transforming how corporate legal departments deal with routine functions—even as it creates new obstacles that must be navigated.

Pro-Union Shift Expected With Labor Board Member’s Pending Exit

The National Labor Relations Board is poised to release a number of decisions in the next two weeks with the potential to significantly alter the nation’s labor doctrine in favor of unions, as Democratic board member Gywnne Wilcox’s term draws to a close later this month.

Singapore Lures US Law Firms With Trouble in China Growing (1)

US law firms troubled by China’s security clampdown, Taiwan warnings, and civil liberties limits are turning to Singapore as a place to expand their Asia presence.

Apollo’s Outgoing Legal Chief Earned Nearly $8.4 Million

Apollo Global Management Inc.'s longtime chief legal officer John Suydam received about $8.4 million in total compensation during fiscal 2022, the private equity firm disclosed in a proxy statement filed late Friday.

SEC Disclosure Rules Face ‘Sea Change’ Challenge From Business

Business groups’ First Amendment challenge to a Securities and Exchange Commission rule on stock buybacks threatens far-reaching consequences for the regulator’s efforts to require disclosure of corporate information.

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California Law Extends to Entities Hired by Employers as Agents

Business entities acting as agents of an employer can be directly liable for discrimination under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, the state supreme court unanimously ruled Monday in a case involving a medical screener that allegedly asked job applicants impermissible questions.

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