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4 Strange Laws Involving the Internet

Cyber Law


What Lessig calls "Standard East Coast Code", from laws enacted by government in Washington D.C. This is the most self-evident of the four modes of regulation.


What Lessig calls "West Coast Code", from the programming code of the Silicon Valley. These mechanisms concern the parameters of how information can and cannot be transmitted across the Internet.


As in all other modes of social interaction, conduct is regulated by social norms and conventions in significant ways. While certain activities or kinds of conduct online may not be specifically prohibited by the code architecture of the Internet


Closely allied with regulation by social norms, markets also regulate certain patterns of conduct on the Internet. While economic markets will have limited influence over non-commercial portions of the Internet

Cyber Law And The Internet

With all the information that is exchanged on the internet it makes it an easy target for crimes to be committed. You are exchanging personal information every time you shop or join a social network. Strangers are consistently trying to access this personal information about others so it can be used in other ways.

Since the internet is drawing in more people daily for using, it is also drawing crime in. The crimes on the internet are mounting daily. There are many different kinds of crimes that are done for different reasons. Some crimes like hacking are done so a person can have bragging rights. Other crimes are done in order to get a person personal information so it can be resold on the black market.

Let us take things a step farther so you will understand the different types of internet crimes. There are computer intrusions which mean bots, worms, viruses, spyware, malware and hacking. Computer intrusions have been known to take down complete systems in many different organizations. Sometimes it is another organization knocking the competition out for a while. Other times it is someone wanting to brag that they hacked into a major system and disrupted things and made the system crash.

Child pornography is growing at a rapid place on the internet. With the child pornography there are more pedophiles that are showing up on the internet. The pedophiles are trying to lure children in to meeting them. If a child is going to be on the internet it is always best to take precautions and restrict where they can and cannot go. This will help to keep them safe from lurking criminals.

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