Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) hacked by UGNazi and admin logins leaked


At 1:00 AM GMT UGNazi group hacked into the charity website http://woundedwarriorproject.org/. The group obtained admin logins and passwords information and posted them online.

For some days now UGNazi are taunting the well known patriot hacker @th3j35t3r. Wounded warrior website has been under DoS attack for a couple of days now.

The message posted on pastebin (http://pastebin.com/h7zDSaP5) along with the admin usernames and passwords proves this:

This is a little gift for our beloved “th3j35t3r”!
Target – http://woundedwarriorproject.org (All Admin accounts + Privileged Domain accounts)

Note: Since this domain is registered in favor of brave Soldiers, so private infos like military ranks, their names and DOB are not disclosed. Also we will not be releasing any CC info or anything related to personal info.

But, hey th3j35t3r, Tick Tock.



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