Th3j35t3r’s twitter and other social accounts hacked by Anonymous


Anonymous group manage to compromise and take control of several social accounts belonging to Th3j35t3r. The jester s a computer vigilante who describes himself as grey hat hacktivist. Previously most famous for claiming credit for an application-based DDoS attack against WikiLeaks and for disrupting pro-Jihadist websites.

Today at 12:00PM GMT the twitter account associated with the jester @Th3j35t3r has been hack and posted several tweets in support of anonymous. Like “without anonymous I will be no one” and “Free Bradley Manning”.

Over 50 tweets have been posted via @th3j35t3r account. The group also manage to compromised many other accounts belonging to the jester such as his email, and linkedin accounts and post proofs in

Email Hacked Hacked
Payson Hacked
LinkedIn Hacked
SecondLife Hacked
Montastic Hacked
DropSend Hacked
TwitterFeed Hacked


A conversation was posted on pastebin from VoxAnon were the hacker know as “Wise” was posting several emails information from the compromised accounts.

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