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Websites attacked by Anonymous #March list

Third list of websites attacked by Anonymous. The list has both hacked and DDoSed websites. The list gets updated daily so stay tuned.

For previous lists:

January List: http://cylaw.info/?p=72
February List: http://cylaw.info/?p=420

List of all vulnerable websites attacked by anonymous Part II (updated daily)

This is our second list, you can find the first list in Intellectual Property category if you have not yet cylaw.info. In this list we will try to add all operations and websites that have been affected. Its advised to call your IT expert ASAP if you find one or more of your sites in this list. We do our best to check our sources every couple of minutes for regular updates.

#opFrance Anonymous in France disclose personal data of over 540 Police Officers

Anonymous in France managed to gather confidential information from over 541 police officers in retaliation to French government to censor the internet. ACTA was signed by 22 members on 26 of January this year.

#OpDoring – Anonymous attack PAN – National Action Party in Mexico

Today 10:50 PM GMT as a respond to senator Federico Döring proposal to block P2P programs in Mexico anonymous brought down the main website of PAN (The National Action Party on Mexico) http://www.pan.org.mx/.  As a result the site was unavailable.

#OpUFC Anonymous land a KO Blow on Dana White

In a recent interview the president of Zuffa’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White threatened anonymous by calling them cowards  because Ufc.com was redirected several items by hacktivists the previous week. White compared hackers of UFC.com to terrorists.

Anonymous managed to bring down European Commission Website

One of Europe’s most important websites has been the target for Anonymous today. The European Commission website ec.europa.eu has been brought down by the hacktivist group before a couple of minutes. Anyone who tries to enter the site gets the error message  “you do not have permission to access the server”.


Day 6 and US Government still under Anonymous attack

Six days pass since the seizure of Megaupload.com and since the DDoS attacks using the old LOIC (Low orbit Ion Cannon) software made by anonymous back in 2010 for operation payback. This software was downloaded by thousands Worldwide as the download page shows. The latest report showed that over 27 000 computers may have take part in the attack using the LOIC soft.

opMegaupload, ACTA SOPA web @ war… Major Tango down websites list (updated 1-02-12)

As we have seen the last twenty four hours a massive DDoS attack is taking place on major governments and entertainment websites. They have been the main target of the Anonymous group in retaliation for the megaupload.com closure by the Feds yesterday.  It was said that over 20, 000 computers participated in the DDoS attack operation and the number is still raising fast. The number of the websites that went down today raise too. We try to track down all the websites that either have been DDoS or hacked (Defaced, dumped) and update our list. These sites where reported down in twitter  with hashtag #OpMegaupload #OpBrasil #OpIreland. Below is the full list of the websites that where attacked by anonymous.

Update: List continues @?p=420

  • http://www.sacem.fr/
  • http://www.fbi.gov/
  • http://www.justice.gouv.fr/
  • http://www.justice.gov/
  • http://mpaa.org/
  • http://riaa.org/
  • http://www.bmi.com/
  • http://www.wmg.com/