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WHMCS website and twitter Hacked and Data Leaked by UGNazi

Hackers group UGNazi hacked WHMCS.com today and leak the complete database, root files and the control panel files. WHMCS is one of the most know panel for billing and support solution for online businesses.

Bureau of Justice hacked by Anonymous and major data leaked

Anonymous claim they have hack into the Bureau of Justice website and leak over 1.7 GB of data, including internal emails and the database dump.  The file was made available for download via The Pirate Bay website. The attack was part of the operation Monday Mail Mayhem

Florida’s internal Police network hacked and defaced by Anonymous

On Saturday 28 April 2012, the group anonymous claimed that they hacked into  Florida’s internal Police site. The site www.lcso.org strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lake County Florida through service to the community.

International Police Association in Australia hacked and defaced

Hackers s3rver.exe and 3xpl0it.c managed to hack the official International Police Association website in Australia www.ipa-australiapolice.com.au. The hackers managed to deface the police website and post emails, usernames and encrypted passwords on public domain.

Websites attacked by Anonymous #March list

Third list of websites attacked by Anonymous. The list has both hacked and DDoSed websites. The list gets updated daily so stay tuned.

For previous lists:

January List: http://cylaw.info/?p=72
February List: http://cylaw.info/?p=420

Anonymous confirms the attacks on Greek Police and Government sites and warns for more

Last night as riots were taking place in Greece, many Greek high-profile websites have been taken down by anonymous. The official channel of anonymous news via @YourAnonNews announce that police, government political and political party’s websites where tango down. A word used by military when eliminating a target.

#OpPiggyBank US Police Stations under anonymous attack

Anonymous hacked into Salt Lake City Police slcpd.com website last night and stolen login information along with passwords of the website as a part of the operation Piggy Bank #OpPiggyBank. As soon as the site admins found out the leak they brought down the whole site and the site is still offline with the message “We are working on replacing content for the website.” The attacks however did not stop last night, two more attacks took place a couple of minutes ago.

Update 6/02/12: 3 More sites have been reported scroll down for details

#FFF Biggest operation ever, over 3GB of sensitive data leaked

Last night one of the core members of the  anonymous group announced that some major leaks will take place tomorrow. Operation F**k FBI Friday started with the release of a secret call conference between the FBI and the Scotland yard talking about anonymous. Amazingly the group managed to hack a 17 mins secret conversation and leak it to the public.

Greece Ministry of Justice defaced and login details leaked

Another hit from anonymous was reported the morning early hours.  AT 5:30AM GMT @YourAnonNews announced that the official website of Ministry of Justice ministryofjustice.gr defaced. The group claims that all the login and passwords information have leaked.

Official US government website (USA.gov) hacked by anonymous

Members of the group anonymous ( @s3rverexe and @strelok_anon) claim they have hacked USA.gov admin panel.  S3rverexe was also the one that defaced both UFC.tv and UFC.com yesterday in retaliation to Dona White comments. USA.gov is the official website of the US government.