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Anonymous stand up for the Greek homeless

At about 3 pm, homeless occupied the closed cafe behind the Cultural Center of Athens, Solonos Street, to be used as accommodation for them. Athens Mayor ordered for evacuation. Riot police squads arrived and proceed to the homeless arrest. It has been reported that over 15 people have been arrested.

E-government for a better society

Over the years technology had great impact in many aspects of our life.  Under the global pressure of information technology, the adoption of web-based technologies in public administration has created a new government and citizens interface.  As a result e-government has emerged rapidly around the world. Many countries use e-government as an enabling tool to increase efficiency, enhance transparency, collect more revenue and facilitate public sector reform[1]. Over the years government have been engaged in deploying information and communication technologies in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their functioning. Such kind of application were focused on building management information systems for planning and monitoring, however many of these large projects have been undertaken and there have been a complete failure[2]. The record of using ICT to gain benefit has been quite disappointed over the years. But the advent of the Internet and its uses such as distance learning and particularly delivery information and services to citizens has once again revived the hope that information and communication technologies can deliver value with investment. This paper will examine where e-government is again a failure of ICT’s and therefore just a technical advance or whether it can deliver the value of investment and go beyond technical advance to a social advance.