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Internet Governance infrastructure

In an Era in which technology prevails internet is one of the most important reason for it. In a world that before several years’ people had to travel miles on foot to buy their needs now it can be done by a single click. In this last 20 years Internet has become part of our lives like most of the things invaded in the past years. Internet has currently about 30% users of the world populations which is about two billions. In only a few years, the internet brought revolution in trade, education, communication and exchange. Also unlike all other inventions Internet has removed borders across the globe; create new international market, new leisure activities and new jobs opportunities making it unique. Even if not many years pass since its creation it has been a main issue in almost all countries in the way in which it should be regulate. Nations all around the globe implement new regulations in order for all these privileges to be safe and legal. Internet governance has become one of the biggest issues we currently have on the planet since its main object is to implement regulations that will not just stop the illegal activity but also not to stop the internet develop. Base on this today there several ways that internet can be regulate these ways can be classified as models, since each model consist of different institutions.