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Alleged LulzSec Hackers arrested by the FBI

FBI arrested five suspected member’s of the group Lulzsec. The group was responsible for attacks on many high profile websites like PayPal, Sony and Mastercard.

Hector Xavier Monsegur, known as Sabu was charged with 12 criminal counts of conspiracy to engage in computer hacking at Manhattan federal court.

Websites attacked by Anonymous #March list

Third list of websites attacked by Anonymous. The list has both hacked and DDoSed websites. The list gets updated daily so stay tuned.

For previous lists:

January List: http://cylaw.info/?p=72
February List: http://cylaw.info/?p=420

Greek Ministry Of Justice hacked Again

Anonymous has hacked the Greek Ministry of Justice website ministryofjustice.gr again before a couple of minutes. The site was hacked again back on 2/12/12 and Greece Cybercrime police arrested 3 students in relation to the hack yesterday.


Anonymous Members arrested In Greece

Police in Greece have arrested three people associated with the Hacktivist group known as Anonymous for their alleged role in recent hack of the ministryofjustice.gr. The subjects are age 18, 17 and 16 with nicknames «delirium», «nikpa» and «extasy».  The police believes that are all members of GHS (Greek Hacking scene) representatives of anonymous in Greece.

FTC hacked again, username and passwords leaked

Hackers associated with the activist group Anonymous hacked the US Federal Trade Commission and consumer rights website ftc.gov before a couple of hours as part of a protest against US efforts to stop illegal online piracy of movies and music. The website Database along with login details has leaked to public


Anonymous confirms the attacks on Greek Police and Government sites and warns for more

Last night as riots were taking place in Greece, many Greek high-profile websites have been taken down by anonymous. The official channel of anonymous news via @YourAnonNews announce that police, government political and political party’s websites where tango down. A word used by military when eliminating a target.

Symantec offers a bribe to LoD and anonymous to lie about the source code hack

Symantec one of the largest security company failed to protect their own source code. As reported before a month ago a hacker managed to breach Symantec security and stole their source code.Even though the source code was stolen back in 2006 the case came to light just the previous month.


#FFF Biggest operation ever, over 3GB of sensitive data leaked

Last night one of the core members of the  anonymous group announced that some major leaks will take place tomorrow. Operation F**k FBI Friday started with the release of a secret call conference between the FBI and the Scotland yard talking about anonymous. Amazingly the group managed to hack a 17 mins secret conversation and leak it to the public.

Greece Ministry of Justice defaced and login details leaked

Another hit from anonymous was reported the morning early hours.  AT 5:30AM GMT @YourAnonNews announced that the official website of Ministry of Justice ministryofjustice.gr defaced. The group claims that all the login and passwords information have leaked.

Anonymous stand up for the Greek homeless

At about 3 pm, homeless occupied the closed cafe behind the Cultural Center of Athens, Solonos Street, to be used as accommodation for them. Athens Mayor ordered for evacuation. Riot police squads arrived and proceed to the homeless arrest. It has been reported that over 15 people have been arrested.