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Anonymous takes down all Cyprus government websites

Anonymous group takes down all the websites of Cyprus government as Cyprus nears euro bail-out deal. The group claimed responsibility for the hit via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events.


#OpIsrael Israeli Websites defaced list

All websites attacked during operation Israel will be listed here

Currently listed domains 3000+


Anonymous takes down GoDaddy.com and millions websites with it

Anonymous member claims responsibility for Godaddy outage, AnonymousOwn3r took down the site for several hours and millions other sites that were on Godaddy.


Anonymous hacks FBI again and dumps 12 millions users data

Anonymous hackers claim they have dumbed 12 millions Apple devices data including devices UDIDs, full names, addresses and zip codes. The group claims that all data was dumped from a special FBI agent’s computer using a Java vulnerability.


The National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) hacked and defaced by v0dka

The National Council of Investigation and Security Services – The National Voice of the Private Security & Security Professions has been hacked by v0dka. The hacker defaced nciss’s website nciss.org with the lulzsec logo.

Bureau of Justice hacked by Anonymous and major data leaked

Anonymous claim they have hack into the Bureau of Justice website and leak over 1.7 GB of data, including internal emails and the database dump.  The file was made available for download via The Pirate Bay website. The attack was part of the operation Monday Mail Mayhem

Florida’s internal Police network hacked and defaced by Anonymous

On Saturday 28 April 2012, the group anonymous claimed that they hacked into  Florida’s internal Police site. The site www.lcso.org strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lake County Florida through service to the community.

Inside Anonymous OS

An OS allegedly from Anonymous has been released online today, but confusion has run among the group as to whether is authentic or even safe to use it.

The OS was available for download from Source Forge until a couple of minutes ago but Sourge force decided to remove it and replace it with a blog post.

Norton Antivirus all Platforms source code leaks to public by Anonymous

After PcAnywhere source code released Anonymous leaks Norton AntiVirus 2006 All Platform’s Source Code via PirateBay. The source code is available for download since 4:10PM today.

Panda Security hacked by Antisec

Over 25 websites related to Panda Security have been hacked tonight by Antisec. Emails and md5 passwords have leaked to public. Panda was accused by anonymous for helping the FBI to lurk anonymous members. The attacks are believed to be in retaliation for the recent arrests made by the FBI.