#OpPiggyBank US Police Stations under anonymous attack

Anonymous hacked into Salt Lake City Police slcpd.com website last night and stolen login information along with passwords of the website as a part of the operation Piggy Bank #OpPiggyBank. As soon as the site admins found out the leak they brought down the whole site and the site is still offline with the message “We are working on replacing content for the website.” The attacks however did not stop last night, two more attacks took place a couple of minutes ago.

Update 6/02/12: 3 More sites have been reported scroll down for details

At 11:20pm GMT CabinCr3w claimed that him and ItsKahuna breached two police departments websites and hacked sensitive data from them over 500 police officers social security numbers, addresses and badge numbers have leaked to the public from the website of Texas Police association texaspoliceassociation.com/.

On the same operation the Syracuse police department has been also hacked and the username along with the passwords  have also leaked to public via pastebin. Syracuse official website syracusepolice.org.

The message left from anonymous for the operation is below

Dear Texas Police Dept,

Paid administrative leave should be reserved for injured cops, cops with pregnant wives, and cops who declare themselves conscientious objectors to a raid. Not a kiddie porn collecting cop. It looks as if Texas PD hasn’t improved since the cousin of the PD, the Texas Youth Commission was caught with rape rooms.

Targets: Texas PD and Syracuse
Why: Insufficient effort

Judgment: We must troll you”

More details can be found at the original source @pastebin

Update 04/02/2012: More websites have been the target of this operation. CabinCr3w announced at 4:00AM GMT that two more website of the Newark city have been defaced.

The Newark Police Foundation newarkpolicefoundation.org and the official website of the Newark City www.ci.newark.nj.us where the targets this time. Hight risk of data leak.





Update 06/02/12: More data has leaked today by @CabinCr3w and @ItsKahuna the official website of West Virginia Chiefs of police association wvcop.com has been hacked and database leaked over 100 chiefs accounts with login information and over a 100 addresses, home/mobile/office phones. Via pastehtml

The city of Burlington, Iowa burlingtoniowa.org was also hacked, login information along with dumps of the database have leaked to public. Via pastehtml
Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association wichiefs.org was also attacked and database along with login info and passwords, leaked to public.

Dallas Police Department official website dallaspolice.net usernames and password information along with IPs where posted on pastebin

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