#opFrance Anonymous in France disclose personal data of over 540 Police Officers

Anonymous in France managed to gather confidential information from over 541 police officers in retaliation to French government to censor the internet. ACTA was signed by 22 members on 26 of January this year.

Translation from French:

This action is a response to the deplorable attempt at repression and censorship that endorse the French government and denounces the movement as Anonymous.
Out of fear, following our recent attacks, police were quick to act, making arrests and botched without evidence.
We see these actions as a desperate attempt by the government to achieve the movement of fear and intimidation. This is a typical feature of dictatorships.
So that you understand the importance of privacy and freedom, in retaliation to the low state methods, we will disclose confidential information of 541 police officers. Note that it is only a portion of what we have and that we reserve the right to disseminate more. http://pastehtml.com/view/bm75g0uw6.html




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