MyBB, Mysql and PHP discussion system hacked

Well everyone believed that the UGNazi group left the scene after their last tweets in the past days. That was not the case however the group managed to hack in one of the largest php and MySQL social forums today.

This time the target is, the group managed to breach the website security and forward the site to

The official twitter account of the group announce that the database will be release soon.

More on the hack will be report soon as to the way the group hacked into Mybb and the data leak.

Update: The reason for the hack was post it on pastebin.

MyBB has a relatively low-risk security record. In August 2008, MyBB performed a security audit (provided by GulfTech) which led to the release of MyBB 1.4.2 on 17 September 2008
“personal information needs to be secure. if we can acces it, so can terrorists” As well as the forum “” uses the Forum software MyBB, We are tired of all the skids who claim they are hackers

Full statement via

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