Megaupload Closure after effects on Copyright Laws. Fileserve follows filesonic…


The recent decision from the US to close megaupload has brought fears to similar domain owners. As legal advisor I know that when deciding a later case with similar facts the court will run to a recent ruling, which in this case will be the megaupload ruling.


If the megaupload case goes in favor of the copyright owners, all websites such as fileserve, rapidshare, filesonic will close and probably punish the owners. In fears of such decision Filesonic is the first company that reconsider its purposes and they no longer accept sharing their links.

It is quite obvious that the megaupload case will bring a lot of changes to copyright laws since the defence of no knowledge for the infringement is no longer acceptable. If this is the case then websites like youtube, veoh or videobb will close down also by the US.

Update 24-01-12

As we predict earlier the fears have now confirmed after filesonic, fileserve also will disable sharing like filesonic did. This shows the effects that megaupload will now have to the copyright laws and file sharing worldwide.


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