IT and IP Law Updates 24/02/12

Anti-piracy pact falters after protests: delay follows internet campaign     (Article – Newspaper)

Source: Financial Times, February 23, 2012, 9. Also reported in Guardian, February 23, 2012, 22

Subject: Intellectual Property; Communications/Media/IT – Information technology; International Law – International law

Keywords: Copyright; Counterfeiting; EU law; International law; International trade; Treaties

Added: February 23, 2012

2. Court sheds light on taxation of royalties

Citation: I.T. Rev. 2012, Feb-Apr Supp (India Quarterly), 13

Subject: Tax; Information technology; Intellectual property

Keywords: India; Royalties; Software; Tax

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


3. Connectivity – UK SARs regime review 2011

Citation: Money L.B. 2012, 190, 13-14

Subject: Banking and finance; Information technology

Keywords: Databases; Serious Organised Crime Agency; Suspicious activity reports

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


4. Slater v Wimmer     (Case – Transcript)

Source: 2012 WL 488313. Also sourced as a transcript

Subject: Intellectual Property

Keywords: Contracts; Copyright; Film directors; Films; Implied terms; Joint authorship; Producers

Added: February 23, 2012 08:15 (GMT)


5. The Data-gathering Powers (Relevant Data) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/Draft)    (Legislation – SI)

Subject: Tax; Communications/Media/IT – Information technology

Keywords: Data collection; Data holders; Revenue and Customs officers

Added: February 22, 2012 10:00 (GMT)


6. Data protection and employment – Part 1

Citation: D.P.I. 2012, 5(1), 6-8

Subject: Employment; Human rights; Information technology

Keywords: Data protection; Data subjects’ rights; Ireland; Personal data; Requests for information; Subject access

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


7. The right to be forgotten – the fog finally lifts

Citation: D.P.I. 2012, 5(1), 12-14

Subject: Human rights; European Union; Information technology

Keywords: Data protection; Data retention; Deletions; EU law; Ireland; Personal data; Privacy; Search engines

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


8. Criminal Justice Act 2011’s breach reporting provisions

Citation: D.P.I. 2012, 5(1), 4-5

Subject: Information technology

Keywords: Criminal investigations; Data breach notifications; Data controllers; Data processors; Data protection; Disclosure; Ireland; Personal data

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


9. Expert comment

Citation: D.P.I. 2012, 5(1), 2-3

Subject: Information technology; European Union; Human rights

Keywords: Data protection; Data protection supervisors; Direct effect; EU law; Ireland

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


10. Data protection in the gaming industry – Part 2

Citation: D.P.I. 2012, 5(1), 15-17

Subject: Information technology; Conflict of laws; European Union; Human rights; Media and entertainment

Keywords: Advertising; Choice of law; Computer games; Data protection; EU law; Foreign companies; Personal data; Privacy

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


11. Formalising the role of the DPO – the practical consequences

Citation: D.P.I. 2012, 5(1), 9-11

Subject: Human rights; European Union; Information technology

Keywords: Data controllers; Data processors; Data protection; Data protection supervisors; EU law; Ireland; Personal data; Privacy; Public sector

Documents: Legal Journals Index Abstract


12. Nokia GmbH v IPCom GmbH & Co KG     (Case – Note)

Source: 2012 WL 488428

Subject: Intellectual Property; Communications/Media/IT – Telecommunications

Keywords: Essentiality; European patents; Inventive step; Patents; Revocation; Telecommunications; Validity

Added: February 23, 2012 08:15 (GMT)


13.  University of Queensland v Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Chancery Division (Patents Court), 14 February 2012

Subject: Intellectual property

Keyword(s): Vaccines; Supplementary protection certificates; Pharmaceuticals

Where Reported: [2012] EWHC 223 (Pat); Official Transcript

Documents:    Case Analysis    Official Transcript


14. Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd v Medimmune Ltd Chancery Division (Patents Court), 10 February 2012

Subject: Intellectual property

Keyword(s): Patents; Supplementary protection certificates; Declarations of invalidity; Pharmaceuticals; Method claims

Where Reported: [2012] EWHC 181 (Pat); Official Transcript

Documents:    Case Analysis    Official Transcript


15. Gray v News Group Newspapers Ltd Court of Appeal (Civil Division), 01 February 2012

Subject: Intellectual property; Human rights; Telecommunications; Civil procedure

Keyword(s): Privilege against self-incrimination; Confidential information; Interception of communications; Right to fair trial; Intellectual property; Private investigators; Requests for further information; Mobile telephones

Where Reported: [2012] EWCA Civ 48; (2012) 109(7) L.S.G. 17; Times, February 6, 2012; Official Transcript

Documents:    Case Analysis    Official Transcript


16. Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV v Lucheng Meijing Industrial Co Ltd (C-446/09)European Court of Justice (First Chamber), 01 December 2011

Subject: Intellectual property; European Union

Keyword(s): Copyright; Counterfeits; Designs; Detention; EU law; Infringement; Infringing copies; Trade marks

Where Reported: [2012] E.T.M.R. 13

Documents:    Case Analysis    [2012] E.T.M.R. 13

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