Inside Anonymous OS

An OS allegedly from Anonymous has been released online today, but confusion has run among the group as to whether is authentic or even safe to use it.

The OS was available for download from Source Forge until a couple of minutes ago but Sourge force decided to remove it and replace it with a blog post.

We looked at the project, and decided that although the name of the project was misleading (we see no evidence that it is connected with Anonymous) it appeared, on initial glance, to be a security-related operating system, with, perhaps, an attack-oriented emphasis. We have, in the past, taken a consistent stance on “controversial” projects – that is, we don’t pass judgement based on what’s possible with a product, but rather consider it to be amoral – neither good nor bad – until someone chooses to take action with it.

However, as the day progressed, various security experts have had a chance to take a look at what’s really in this distribution, and verify that it is indeed a security risk, and not merely a distribution of security-related utilities, as the project page implies.

SourceForge, and the Open Source community as a whole, values transparency, particularly where issues of security are involved. This project isn’t transparent with regard to what’s in it. It is critical that security-related software be completely open to peer review, so that risks may be assessed along with benefits. That is not available in this case, and the result is that people are taking a substantial risk in downloading and installing this distribution.

Furthermore, by taking an intentionally misleading name, this project has attempted to capitalize on the press surrounding a well-known movement in order to push downloads of a project that is less than a week old.

We have therefore decided to take this download offline and suspend this project until we have more information that might lead us to think differently. We’ll be in touch with the project admin, and let you know if and when we find out anything to contrary, but for now, that’s what we’re doing.

Over 37,000 downloaded the software since it was online. Anonymous-OS Live is an ubuntu-based distribution and created under Ubuntu 11.10 and uses Mate desktop.

The Anonymous OS came out with a couple of tools, some of them are listed below

– ParolaPass Password Generator
– Find Host IP
– Anonymous HOIC
– Ddosim
– Pyloris
– Slowloris
– TorsHammer
– Sqlmap
– Havij
– Sql Poison
– Admin Finder
– John the Ripper
– Hash Identifier
– Tor
– XChat IRC
– Pidgin
– Vidalia
– Polipo
– JonDo
– i2p
– Wireshark
– Zenmap

We checked the processes running at the background but nothing bad was found.

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