Greece Ministry of Justice defaced and login details leaked

Another hit from anonymous was reported the morning early hours.  AT 5:30AM GMT @YourAnonNews announced that the official website of Ministry of Justice defaced. The group claims that all the login and passwords information have leaked.

The attacks was said to be against the near-bankrupt country’s bailout by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund which has been associated with unpopular austerity policies.

“You have joined the IMF against your people’s acquiescence… democracy was given birth in your country but you have killed it,” The two minutes video said. Full video @youtube 

The message that was left on the front page website says that more attacks will take place on the media like ERT.

The site was quickly brought down by the administrators so that no more damage is done to the site but Google bots still cached the site during defacement.

Update: An official statement from @AnonymousIRC said that they support the defacement of the site but they do not support any attacks on the media

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