Google, Apple, HSBC and PayPal Pakistan hacked by KriptekS


One of the biggest hacks ever has taken place today by the turkish hacker KriptekS a.k.a. eboz. The hacker manage to deface the offcial websites of,,, and more.

A similar hack took place the previous week for opIsrael (,,,,,,,,, where the name provider was hacked. It remains to be confirm thought if similar method was used.

The hacker left the follow message on all defaced sites

Eboz..Kankalar?m hep yan?mda arkada? içinde…Yan?mda olmayan m? var çekimlik her nefeste.. Pakistan Downed..

Trabzon 2012 Dostlara selam ölmedik hala ya??yoruz!

The closest English translation to it is:

My homies in a friend always there for me..Have not shot by me with every breath..Pakistan Downed..

Trabzon 2012

Hello friends who are still alive not dead!

The full list of defaced websites plus mirrors can be found at

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