Florida’s internal Police network hacked and defaced by Anonymous

On Saturday 28 April 2012, the group anonymous claimed that they hacked into  Florida’s internal Police site. The site www.lcso.org strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lake County Florida through service to the community.

Anonymous post their slogan and the website database before it was pulled out by the network administrator along with a long message. The database included emails, login IDs, passwords and private IDs of over 200 police officers.


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Welcome to this new edition of #FFF – lcso.org Edition

More evidence that the illegitimate justice system protects their
own, who get away with rampant corruption and theft, while the police
apply unconstitutional profiling and pressure in their efforts to raise
their arrest quotas and keep homeland security money rolling in.

Their coercive tactics are shown in Operations like Op Inmate Intelligence
Gathering, which encourages snitching in return for favors from the police,
and LCSO’s upcoming Operation Screen Savers, whereby citizens are entrapped
in sex crime investigations, and arrested at pretextual traffic stops even
if the don’t commit a crime. Even innocent defendants then undergo special
conditions of pretrial release that prohibit all internet communications,
so the cops can continue to entrap others, while judges set inflated bond by
sealed administrative order.

Sprint Nextel Corporate Security IPDR reports, which shows how the
telecommunications providers hand over our private info, even without
#CISPA and other draconian enforcement provisions. Telecommunications
providers are already in the pocket of the law enforcement and intelligence community.

Financial Crimes phone list, which lists the warrants division of domestic and
international air carriers, and law enforcement liaisons of corporations like
Amazon. Shows the spreading National Security State.

Intelligence bulletins from FBI that indicates prison inmates are targeted for
identity theft. They cannot protect the data within their own systems. While
they prosecute identity theft elsewhere, the theft committed by their own employees
runs rampant.

These documents show that rather than blind cooperation with the security state,
the common people of the United States and elsewhere would do best to arm themselves
with both the words and theory behind the sentiment “Workingmen arm yourselves and
appear in full force.” Appear on the steps of Capitol Hill. Appear in Bluffdale, Utah
at NSA’s Utah Data Center. These are the places where your liberty is being sacrificed,
and the constitution is being raped.

Disciplinary actions against police officers show how statist forces protect government
workers while the unemployed and downtrodden are left to their own devices. There is no
mercy for them, but the police keep working even when they break the law, conduct illegal
surveillance and seizure, and prepare evidence for your long-term sentence in prisons for
profit. We are all political prisoners now.

The LulzKnights.

Furthermore emails pictures along with recorded phone calls and text messages where also posted on public domain.

Site during defacement can be view via pastehtml @



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