#FFF Biggest operation ever, over 3GB of sensitive data leaked

Last night one of the core members of the  anonymous group announced that some major leaks will take place tomorrow. Operation F**k FBI Friday started with the release of a secret call conference between the FBI and the Scotland yard talking about anonymous. Amazingly the group managed to hack a 17 mins secret conversation and leak it to the public.

The full conference was uploaded on several clouds but also on youtube @ watch?v=pl3spwzUZfQ. #FFF went beyond the FBI call release. The group managed to bring two more websites down by now 10:44PM GMT. At 3:00PM GMT the official site of Boston Police Department was hacked and defaced. The database has also leaked to the public since it was posted on the first page of bpdnews.com.

The second attack targeted the Puckett & Faraj law office.  Puckett & Faraj where the lawyers in the case Haditha-Wuterich. In this case Frank Wuterich a private from the United States Marine Corps. On November 19, 2005, he led his men in the Haditha killings, where he and fellow Marines opened fire resulting in the death of 24 unarmed civilians. Wuterich was sentenced on January 24 and convicted to forfeiture of two-thirds of pay for three months and reduction in rank to private. The group leaked over 2.5 GB of sensitive data including emails and legal documents.

Update: The official website Department of Homeland Security dhs.gov was reported that was taken down for a couple of minutes.

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