Day 6 and US Government still under Anonymous attack

Six days pass since the seizure of and since the DDoS attacks using the old LOIC (Low orbit Ion Cannon) software made by anonymous back in 2010 for operation payback. This software was downloaded by thousands Worldwide as the download page shows. The latest report showed that over 27 000 computers may have take part in the attack using the LOIC soft.

The first day and along with many other US entertainment websites have been the victims of the biggest attack ever in the planet. The attacks did not stop there however; France was next along with Brazil, Poland, Czech and Belgium. The anonymous group claims that they launched the attacks in retaliation of the Megaupload bust and of course for the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act, PIPA (Protect IP Act, and ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) legislations. Under the legislation being put forward by the treaties, ISPs would be actively encouraged to monitor web users to make sure that IP infringement was not taking place. For the average web user it would be a catastrophic blow to privacy since the governments will be able to monitor all online users’ activities.


Even though six days passed since the first attack launched the attacks are not anywhere near stopping, today two major websites of the US government where hacked and database leaked to the public. The irony about the last attack is that the government website involve, is a government online security website that is giving advices on security. was hacked today by AntiSec and they threaten to hack more websites and release more databases to the public if any of the legislation above pass.

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