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Melbourne IT Defaced By Syrian Electronic Army

Following lasts night attacks on New York Times, Twitter and Huffington Post UK Syrian Electronic army defaced the domain of the registration service Melbourne IT


Associated Press twitter hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Associated Press twitter account hacked today by Syrian Electronic Army (via @Official_SEA6).


Fix iPhone weather app issue after evasi0n jailbreak

As stated in an earlier post. Many jailbreak users experience issues after they used evasi0n jailbreak. In many cases the weather app will not load


Official Apple iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak released

The long waited untethered jailbreak for apple iPhone is finally here. Evasi0n team released today what millions iPhone users waited for months. This new jailbreak will work on all iPhones even Apples’s latest model, iPhone 5. The software release today is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows.

logo_green hacked by the Inj3ct0r Team

The team managed to gain full access to ExploitHub files and database. The Inj3ct0r Team estimated to stole private exploits worth over $242333.


Google, Apple, HSBC and PayPal Pakistan hacked by KriptekS

One of the biggest hacks ever has taken place today by the turkish hacker KriptekS a.k.a. eboz. The hacker manage to deface the offcial websites of,,, and more.


ZHC exposes Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom

As said before a couple of days ZHC (ZCompanyHackingCrew) hacked Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom social accounts Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and LinkedIn. The group used those accounts to post support messages for Palestine like “Get out of Palestine > Israeli Zionists! Stop the attacks! End the slaughter of innocent people!!”.



Anonymous takes down all Cyprus government websites

Anonymous group takes down all the websites of Cyprus government as Cyprus nears euro bail-out deal. The group claimed responsibility for the hit via facebook at


One million American Accounts leaked online in retaliation for #OpIsrael

Well known Israeli hacker Hannibal claims one of the biggest cyber attacks ever. The hacker released 1,000,000 American Accounts, emails,password,userid, security questions, security answers, and stuff in 25.4mb rar file.


#OpIsrael Israeli Websites defaced list

All websites attacked during operation Israel will be listed here

Currently listed domains 3000+