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Melbourne IT Defaced By Syrian Electronic Army

Following lasts night attacks on New York Times, Twitter and Huffington Post UK Syrian Electronic army defaced the domain of the registration service Melbourne IT


One million American Accounts leaked online in retaliation for #OpIsrael

Well known Israeli hacker Hannibal claims one of the biggest cyber attacks ever. The hacker released 1,000,000 American Accounts, emails,password,userid, security questions, security answers, and stuff in 25.4mb rar file.


#OpIsrael Israeli Websites defaced list

All websites attacked during operation Israel will be listed here

Currently listed domains 3000+


Greek ministry of finance hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous hackers broke into the servers of Greece Finance Ministry and release hundreds of documents and credentials.  The release includes confidential documents, logins and passwords details.


Anonymous release GoDaddy Database and source code

AnonymousOn3r responsible for the recent GoDaddy outage released Godaddy source code and database


Anonymous hacks FBI again and dumps 12 millions users data

Anonymous hackers claim they have dumbed 12 millions Apple devices data including devices UDIDs, full names, addresses and zip codes. The group claims that all data was dumped from a special FBI agent’s computer using a Java vulnerability.


Sony Mobile hacked, user data leaked

The official website of Sony Mobile has been hacked by the Null Crew.  The group posted on pastebin a text document with over 400 usernames and passwords including admins login data.


The National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS) hacked and defaced by v0dka

The National Council of Investigation and Security Services – The National Voice of the Private Security & Security Professions has been hacked by v0dka. The hacker defaced nciss’s website with the lulzsec logo.


NVIDIA Hacked and major data leaked

After the last mega leaks in the pass week of yahoo voice and android forums it’s now NVIDIA turn. The subdomain for NVIDIA developers has been closed after a breach was detected by NVIDIA.


Th3j35t3r’s twitter and other social accounts hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous group manage to compromise and take control of several social accounts belonging to Th3j35t3r. The jester s a computer vigilante who describes himself as grey hat hacktivist. Previously most famous for claiming credit for an application-based DDoS attack against WikiLeaks and for disrupting pro-Jihadist websites.