Anonymous Members arrested In Greece

Police in Greece have arrested three people associated with the Hacktivist group known as Anonymous for their alleged role in recent hack of the The subjects are age 18, 17 and 16 with nicknames «delirium», «nikpa» and «extasy».  The police believes that are all members of GHS (Greek Hacking scene) representatives of anonymous in Greece.

Ministry of justice official website was hack on the 02/12/2012. More details about the Ministry hacked can be found here cylaw.

The Electronic Crime unit in Greece, after the search conducted on the hacked site, they found electronic traces that lead to the subjects.

The unit seized:

  • 12 HDD
  • 3 Notebooks

The subjects charged with unauthorized access to computer systems under article 370 of Greece Penal Code.

More arrests are expected in the next days as police is identifying more members of the group.


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