Anonymous confirms the attacks on Greek Police and Government sites and warns for more

Last night as riots were taking place in Greece, many Greek high-profile websites have been taken down by anonymous. The official channel of anonymous news via @YourAnonNews announce that police, government political and political party’s websites where tango down. A word used by military when eliminating a target.

No data has leaked or any website has reported to actually been hacked until now. All the attacks took place using anonymous’ own Denial-of-service attack (DDoS) tool. Specifically, Anonymous used their old favorite DDoS tools: Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) and High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC).

The websites that taken down last night included a Major TV channel, the Greek Prime Minister, the National Police, the Ministry of Finance, the Greek Parliament and the Minister of finance Evangelos Venizelos (personal site).

Full list:

  • DOWN 5:55pm GMT
  • Official site of Greece Prime minister Down 10:!2PM GMT
  • Greece Police Official site DOWN 10:17PM GMT
  • DOWN 10:25PM GMT
  •  Greek Minister of Finance personal site DOWN 11:11PM GMT
  • Ministry of Finance official site Down 11:1PM GMT
  • Hellenic Republic Ministry of Citizen Protection DOWN 11:19PM GMT
  • Ministry of Defence DOWN 11:28PM GMT)
  • Hellenic Parliament DOWN 11:30PM GMT
  • New Democracy Political party website DOWN 11:52PM GMT)
  • Panhellenic Socialist Movement political party PASOK in Greece DOWN 11:59PM GMT
  • Official Greece government website down 1:08PM GMT

The offcial statement from anonymous :

The Greek parliament has finally approved an enormously unpopular bill on Monday to secure a second EU/IMF bailout and avoid national bankruptcy, despite buildings being set ablaze in central Athens against it.

No more IMF! Stop the intervention in greek sovereignty.
If you don’t give Democracy a chance, you should Expect Us!

A video was also uploaded on YouTube during the riots from anonymous and reported via twitter @AnonOpsSweden


Update 2:03PM GMT

Anonymous official channel announced that more attacks are coming a couple of minutes ago via twitter.

Update 14/02/12

Anonymous launched more attacks last night on Greece government websites.


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