Al-Jazeera Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked


The twitter and Facebook accounts of Al-Jazeera’s English-language social media has been hacked by Syrian Hackers. Syrian Electronic army hacked the Twitter and Facebook account of “The Stream,” a program aimed at tapping into online audiences.

The pictures below shows official Twitter and Facebook accounts of AJStream and compromised.

The reasons for the hack were posted on a long message at

After it became the channels of Aljazeera media in all its channels and programs geared entirely towards Syrians , to target our security and our nation and our living joint, and after having tired of your lies and forged media , that are no longer true to the Syrian people, we are the Syrian electronic army , and on behalf of the Syrian majority that are pro-cleaning the country from terrorism and insurgents Al-Qaeda and build a Developed society Syrian homeland more strength and resistance with the leadership of our beloved President Bashar al-Assad …..
After watching your report, which dealt with the Syrian electronic army outside the scope of media and thematic ,which published on 7 – September – 2011 direct us to partner with Iranians or Russians experts or the like . we have decided to hack on your Twitter and Facebook pages in order to convey our message in our own way in all objectivity away from the lying and falsehood which channels of Aljazeera followed , to trade with blood of Arab Syrians , Libyan , and Egyptian citizens..
It has become clear to all involved your government country and her partners from Al-Saud and the Israeli-American killers gang in support of this terrorism, with money and weapons as we have seen in Libya, BUT SYRIA has more strong and steadfast and will not kneel down and the great Syrian people will not forgive any of the sacrilege of the Syrian sovereignty …
And now we leave you with a range of correct “ news and videos “as long as its absence by Aljazeera of Arab and international public opinion


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